Roughly 85-95% of new creative concepts fail to outperform the best ad in a portfolio. To survive in this volatile ad ecosystem, 20-50 new concepts are needed to find the next winning creative.

Watch David DeJong, Group Creative Director at Consumer Acquisition and Chris Uglietta, Senior Marketing Manager data.ai as they discuss how Consumer Acquisition uses data.ai to optimize creatives for some of the largest games in the market.

Consumer Acquisition develops more than 100,000 creatives a year and has performed over 25,000 A/B and multivariate network tests. Consumer Acquisition leverages data.ai in their famous Ad Concept Model as a tool for creative teams to:

  • Use creative trends to guide creative exploration
  • Ensure ad creatives align with your target audience
  • Overcome creative slumps with a reusable framework that uncovers fresh ideas
  • Discover “where to go next” when you think you’ve tried everything

Watch now to learn how to stay ahead of creative fatigue!

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