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The holiday shopping season will drive record-breaking 1.7 billion shopping app downloads and more than 26.5 billion hours spent in retail apps. Brands and retailers need data-driven insights and strategies to excel in this highly dynamic industry!

Watch our latest webinar Retailers: Boost your App Campaigns Now On-Demand and listen to experts from and Addict Mobile as they discuss how the best brands boost their retail app campaigns!

Topics covered include: 

  • Retail Trends in EMEA
  • Growing Your Retail App Business
  • Improving Shoppers Loyalty
  • User Acquisition: How Connected TV is the new opportunity for retailers
About our speakers: 
  • Lexi Sydow: Lexi helps bring data to life. She has more than 13 years as a market analyst, thought leader and client advisor, and has spent the last decade specializing in the analysis of the mobile economy. She now leads corporate marketing, insights and content strategy for and serves as a data and insights advisor to the C-Suite.
  • Manuel Pacreau: With 14 years of experience in the mobile industry, Manuel has seen the evolution of performance marketing from the feature phones era, to the app stores revolution and more recently the data privacy earthquake. With a background in managing User Acquisition for ringtones services and mobile games back in the days, Manuel joined Addict Mobile in 2016 and recently took the position of CEO.
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