Watch on-demand now to hear firsthand from mobile gaming’s titans as they debate and discuss the future of the gaming industry in 2024. We're closing out the year with a bang, as we share the inside scoop on where these luminaries believe gaming is headed.

In this live webinar, we uncover:

  • Gaming Trends of 2024: Get a comprehensive overview of the current trends and what to expect in the coming year.
  • Alternative Game Distribution: Learn about innovative approaches and emerging platforms that are changing the way games reach audiences.
  • Subscription Gaming: Understand the impact of subscription services on the gaming industry and what it means for developers and players alike.
  • The Future of User Acquisition (UA): Explore the challenges and opportunities as experts discuss the future of UA in a rapidly changing environment.
  • Gaming Cycle - Where We Are Now: Gain a deeper understanding of the industry's maturity and the factors influencing its trajectory in 2024.
  • Cross-Platform Play: Explore the role of cross-platform play and how this trend is reshaping the gaming experience and fostering a more connected and inclusive gaming community.
Panel of Experts:
  • Lexi Sydow, Head of Insights at data.ai
  • Mishka Katkoff, Founder at Deconstructor of Fun
  • Jen Donahoe, Strategic Marketing Consultant at BetaHat
  • Brett Nowak, CEO at Liquid & Grit
  • Eric Kress, Principal at Gossamer Consulting Group

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