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Maximizing growth and revenue is complex when you lack granular insights to drive effective consumer strategies.

That's why we have created App IQ and In-App Purchase SKU.

App IQ is an industry-first, robust taxonomy (19 genres/ 152 subgenres) combining both app stores that helps you understand the digital landscape and eliminate time consuming manual analysis.

In-App Purchase SKU (IAP SKU) provides visibility into effective IAP strategies leveraged by competitors so you can orchestrate an end-to-end strategy to maximize growth. 

App IQ enables to:
  • Shorten the product innovation lifecycle
  • Understand and quantify relevant market opportunities
  • Identify capabilities and features that drive performance and maximize customer engagement
IAP SKU helps to:
  • Discover the highest performing IAP SKUs in the Market
  • Understand your competitors' IAP SKU performance
  • Leverage insights into consumer trends and behavior
  • Build a world class offering based on proven IAP strategies

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