Top Publisher Awards 2022

Top Publisher Awards
The annual Level Up Top Publisher Awards recognize the most innovative and successful mobile publishers from around the world in 2022.

The 2022 awards marks 10 years of our Flagship Top 52 Publishers Award celebrating the top mobile app publishers globally, based on revenue across the iOS and Google Play Stores. In 2021, Gaming and Media and Entertainment dominated the global charts.

The Level Up Top Publisher Awards also recognize the best-in-class across the Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific regions across Gaming, Food & Drink, Finance, Banking, Entertainment, Dating and more!

Awards include:
  • Top 52 Publisher Awards Across the World
  • Top 30 Publisher Awards for North and South America
  • Top 30 Publisher Awards for Asia Pacific
  • Top 30 Publisher Awards for EMEA
  • And much more!
Uncover the the most successful publishers in mobile by viewing the 2022 Publisher Award Winners >>>

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